LSJ z35

The big boss of internal lubrication


High Performance for internal lubrication

HPM Breeze is the consequent development of the common CL-, MQL and MQCL-procedures. Fluids will be checked during the production process and applied in a certain amount at a certain time and at a predetermined location. The HPM Breeze-procedure is extremely fine with an aerosol that adheres like a dense fog around the working area. HPM Breeze forms a completely closed and highly lubricating film. Where previously many litres of liquid were necessary it is now a small fraction thereof which suffices.

The HPM Breeze process is used to lubricate and cool machining processes with extremely small quantities of cooling lubricant. An air-fluid mixture that prevents the development of frictional heat with optimal lubrication is employed for this purpose. The remaining heat is dissipated with the swarf.

All HPM Breeze units are used for lubricating tools in machining production processes. They can be used for both the original equipment and for the retrofitting or conversion of machine tools. The complete encapsulation of the processing machine with a suitable extraction system is recommended.

Thanks to the possibility of internal lubrication, the systems can lubricate tools with cooling duct diameters up to 0.2 mm with fluid mist (aerosol). In this case the lubricant is routed directly through the tool spindle and the tool to the tool cutting edge. If no internal lubricant feed is present in the machine tool, the HPM Breeze technology can also be used for the external lubricant supply.

The LSJ Z35 is offered in 2 versions. 10 bar is standard. For more demanding applications, the LSJ Z35 is available in a version with 16 bar.

  • Internal lubrication with coolant adapter via internal coolant supply. Internal coolant supply tools with at least 0.15 mm2 cross sectional area.
  • External lubrication via mist pressure nozzles.
  • Different pressure levels can be regulated via NC machine program
  • Alternative Injection nozzle for higher oil saturation
  • Filling quantity 4 litres
  • Reaction time < 0,1 s
  • Adjustable between 4 – 16bar (tool-dependent)
  • Air volume flow between 70 – 800 Nl/min (tool-dependent)
  • Consumption between 5 – 100ml/h
  • Simultaneous supply of different spindles
Single-channel system (HPM LSJ z35)
  • Simple installation
  • CL/MQL switchover possible
  • Fastest response time
  • No oil wall fraction with optimum configuration
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